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Indoor Soccer (Futsal)

Indoor Soccer (Futsal)Futsal is the only FIFA approved form of indoor soccer and is played throughout the world. The court is the size of two indoor cricket courts.

Number of Players

5 players per team on the court.
Rolling substitutions ( two or three is ideal)
Mixed teams must have a minimum of two ladies on the court

Length of Game

40 minutes total game time made up of 2 x 20 minute halves

Days & Times

Sunday for Mixed 12.30pm to 4.15pm
Sunday for Men’s 2.00pm to 8.45pm.


All leagues are graded and each season is completed with semis and finals.

Mixed and men’s grades catering for all abilities

All leagues are graded each season


$60 per team per game, no registration fees.
Fees can be paid each week or in a lump sum for the season


Indoor Soccer is played all year around but this is split into three seasons which run approximately from March to June, from July to October and from November to February.

All Equipment And Umpires Are Provided