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Frequently Asked Questions

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What sports do you play at Indoor Sports St Lukes ?

Indoor Netball, Indoor Cricket and Indoor Soccer (Futsal)

When are the games played ?

  • Indoor Netball is played on a Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    Games begin at 5.45pm and the last game starts at 9.30pm
  • Indoor Cricket is played on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
    Games begin at 5.45pm and the last game starts at 9.30pm
  • Indoor Soccer is played on a Sunday.
    Games begin at 1pm and the last game starts at 8.15pm.

How much does it cost?

Netball is $60 per team per game
Cricket is $80 per team per game for 6 ball overs and $96 per team per game for 8 ball overs.

How do the competitions work ?

Each sport played on a night is organised into grades according to ability and each team plays the other teams in the grade to determine who makes a semi final at the end of the season.
Then semi finals and finals are held to determine the winner of that grade.

Are there any registration Fees?

At Indoor Sports St Lukes we do not charge registration Fees.

How long is a season ?

There are three season a year, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each Season runs for approximately 4 months and includes about 3 grading games and 12 competition games.

How many people in a team ?

Indoor Netball – 6 players on court at any one time
Indoor Cricket – 8 Players per team
Indoor Soccer – 5 Players on the court at any one time

Do you have beginners grades ?

Each night and sport is graded at the beginning of the season to ensure that teams only play other teams of a similar ability.

How do I enter a team ?

Go to our registration page [CLICK HERE] and complete the online registration form and we will contact you or to phone us call Matt on 09 845 1436.

What equipment do I need ?

The centre provides all of the balls for Netball, Soccer and Cricket and there are bats available for use in Cricket.

Can I register as an individual to join a team ?

Generally people register teams but we do keep a list of people wanting to join a team so that if a team is looking for a player we can pass the information on.